Share your data and view points. Discuss your projects. View the world through the eyes of your project partner. An essential tool for communication.

Share point clouds as easy as vacation photos

PointShare gives your co-workers, customers and project partners access to large laser scans. In seconds. Any device. Everywhere.

PointShare runs directly in the web browser. No software installation necessary.

Up-to-date all the time

Save time and avoid misunderstandings. PointShare guarantees all project participants access to the latest information.

Annotations and important viewpoints can be edited together.

Sofort einsetzbar

PointShare runs on all devices - notebooks, tablets, smartphones, workstations. Immediate access instead of huge downloads. No software installation necessary.

Import your point clouds directly in the web browser.

High Performance

PointShare runs just as smoothly on your smartphone as on your workstation.
Incremental data management only transfers data that is needed.
This decouples performance from the amount of data.

Everything under control

PointShare always shows who has access to what.
Change access rights at any time with one click. Effective immediately.


You are in control. Anytime.
With one click you share projects and see who has access to what. In real time.
All data is securely encrypted in accordance with the state of the art.
The same standards as used in online banking.

System Requirements

Internet connection and web browser *
No software installation!
PointShare runs in your web browser on a smartphone, tablet, workstation or notebook.
* latest version of Firefox or Chrome


PointShare is currently in a trial phase with a limited number of users.
We will inform you as soon as PointShare is available for you!